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We specialize in a variety of tree services throughout Queens and New York City including tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming, planting, analysis, stump removals and much more. Call us today!

Tree Service In Queens County, NY

tree service queensAt Miguel’s Tree Service we have nothing but the utmost respect, and adoration for all plant life everywhere. Without trees, we could not survive. Therefore it falls on us to take care of them in return. Trees have many different roles in our society today. In Queens, NY trees can add massive value to your home from a cosmetic standpoint. Additionally, Trees can provide huge savings on your energy rates, and create a safer outdoor experience during the warmer months of the year.

Tree work is inherently a dangerous field. That is why we tell all of our friends, families, and customers to never attempt these techniques on their own. The chances of hurting the tree’s development are almost indefinite, and worse the chances of hurting yourself or a community member are not far behind.

In our team, the staff has been professionally trained, and optimized through experience to use the most state of the art tree service tools, and equipment. When you work with us safety is our number one concern, and integrity is our second.

What do you mean by integrity?

Integrity is our staff making your tree is removed as safely as possible. Integrity, is your tree being pruned with delicacy and efficiency. We seek to offer the most valuable solutions to your tree service needs. At each of our jobs, Miguel’s Tree Service will use bucket trucks, ladders, pruners, shears, chainsaws, and various other power tools. Our staff has had no shortage of experience, or training in the use of the tools. You can expect a fast, safe, and high quality experience from this Queens based Tree Service.

If you are in need of some tree service, in Queens, NY. Please call Miquel’s Tree Service today. Our staff is friendly, and will offer its full undivided attention to your tree needs.

Miguel’s Tree Service is proud to service the community in Queens, NY. Our team is professionally trained, with the best tools in the country to tackle each and every one of your tree related needs. Below you will find a list of a few of our services. If you have any questions, or are in need of tree related assistance please call Miguel’s Tree Service right now!

Queens Tree Removal Services

Tree removal queensTree Removal in Queens County, NY is a very delicate process. The most important aspect of this task maintaining the safety of the home, and every last living soul within range of the tree. It’s with great pride that our team in Queens, NY can conduct each job with safety as a top priority. Tree removal has many advantages, and some disadvantages. However, it is interesting that there are such a wide variety of events which can create the need to remove a tree.

Stump Removal and Grinding

After a tree is successfully removed from the property removing the stump is the stump removal queensnext step. In most cases trees are cut a few feet from the ground which leaves an unattractive stump jutting from the ground. At Miguel’s Tree Service we use state of the art equipment to remove the stumps without damaging the rest of your property. If you should want to replace the trees with new plant life we can remove the roots as well. It’s important when you would like to remove a stump to hire a contractor who knows exactly what they are doing. Stump removal and stump grinding can be very dangerous in Queens, NY.

Tree Pruning Experts In Queens, NY

tree pruning queensTree Pruning is one of our favorite skills at Miguel’s Tree Service in Queens, NY. Pruning is the process of making specific cuts to a trees branches in an effort to push the trees growth in a direction that benefits you. It’s worth mentioning that tree pruning is most effective during the earlier cycles of a tree’s lifespan. When we prune our tree’s we have a certified arborist on site ready to increase the quality of your tree. It’s important to use an arborist who is experienced enough to do the job without risking anyone’s safety. Tree pruning can be very dangerous, and safety should always be the number one concern (for the tree as well).

Tree Trimming Specialists In Queens, NY

This process is extremely important in order to keep trees at their most healthy level. Without properly trimming your trees they can grow to a point where they are almost unmanageable and even capable of damaging your home. More specifically, overgrown trees can damage your power lines, roof, even the walls outside your home..